When is Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday of November (November 22, 2012)

Cute Story: 
Thanksgiving Dinner that Flew Away!

Gift Baskets and Flowers
Why not think of planning a mid-year Thanksgiving celebration...maybe the first week of May? Use celebrity recipe to get you started like Faith Hill's Cornbread. She uses Martha White Yellow mix with buttermilk.

How to Make...
* Sugared Fruit
* Ham Fan
* Turkey Feet
Thanksgiving Party
Food garnishing is a fun way to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table (-:

Telling the story of Thanksgiving makes a nice bedtime story in addition to sharing it at a  Thanksgiving day dinner.  

The President's proclamation recommends that Thanksgiving be set apart as a day of prayer and rejoicing. The day is of New England origin, the first one being set by Governor Bradford of the Massachusetts colony on December, 1621. Washington issued a thanksgiving proclamation for Thursday, December 18, 1777, and again at Valley Forge for May 7, 1778. The Thanksgiving of the present incorporates many of the genial features of Christmas. The feast with the Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin-pie crowns the day. Even the poorhouse has its turkey.  Pique your guests' interest with this pleasing tip. Celebration idea: Always plan ahead, including checking the weather forecast and booking venues. There are so many inspiring ways to make your bash more fun. More Thanksgiving History

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Thanksgiving Party

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